A career in befuddlement. Any openings?? Monday, October 12, 2009

When I was a kid, I was never asked the most popular question of my times, "Beta.. what'll you become when you grow up?" The sooner I would have realized this torturous self interrogation that was going to haunt me later, the earlier I would have started short listing my options. I wish I was asked. I wish I could have replied... anything! A million of IT people in the country today, I wonder how many could actually pronounce "software" let alone telling their parents of their dream career then. I definitely wouldn't have. But still I should've been asked. Atleast my dream at that age would have helped me decide my ambitions today. Everyone bored with their profession has the childhood dream as something they always want to do given a chance. Except one of my friend of course. When asked the aforementioned question in his childhood, he naively disclosed his dream of becoming a Salman khan. Looking at him now, at the speed he is gaining kilos, the only bollywood personality he can aim to become is an Amjad khan. He still is lucky. I have no backup dream to pursue from my childhood. And with the kind of dreams today's 24 year olds are getting, I'm not that optimistic either. At this ripe age of 24 I feel I've been there, seen that, felt too lazy to do that. A life without an ambition does look scary. And I'm staring right at it.

It wouldn't be fare to blame my fate completely, God does give chances. To me however, he just gave a few. On passing my 10th boards with around 99.356% marks, I ranked a humble 12th in my class (Okay.. a little exaggerated but a definite reality in a few years). The world was my oyster. A pretty ugly oyster considering the choices in life were all but lame academic subjects. I almost took biology thinking about the hot girls I would be catching, literally, while they fainted while dissecting rats. The entire scene had already been rehearsed multiple times in my dreams. Each rehearsal separate for each of my crushes who I had conveniently put in the same biology class. But in one of those badly choreographed dreams, it was me who was doing the fainting bit. Therefore, I decided biology wasn't supposed to be. Lucky for those of my future patients who who could have been lying with their open bodies under my knife. Considering the quality of code I type today, the thought of similar standards in the operating theater makes me uneasy.

I then decided to take up non-med with economics. Non-med because my friendly neighborhood aunty and not so friendly chachis/maamis would be shocked to see my unimportant yet ridiculously high marks go down a 'commerce' drain. And economics because.. well.. 'Eco honors' had a tacky thing to it. A nice sounding degree. Thats reason enough! But the eco section turned out to be full of nerds who were neck deep in the 'Pradeep' books which were so thick that 'neck deep' was no longer a phrase. A small guy almost choked himself to death when he accidentally slept with his head in the middle of that huge book. I found out that all my buds were in the computers section. Computers is what I went with finally. Clearly a software engineering was a life I had always wanted. It just needed a few detours.

There are two kinds of accidental choices you can make in life. First are those that you end up telling your grandson in your eighties "You won't believe it kid, as much as I love my job.. its hard to believe how I got into it...". The second kind are those which are just that, accidents. Accidents which you regret. Accidents which are followed by the long lasting profanity sessions targeted at the person who you think caused your suffering. I feel sorry for me. I met with the second category accident a few years ago when I sacrificed a glorious (and a population controlling) career in medicine for what I do today, but I've only one person to blame.... that almost choked kid who scared me off from my economics class!!

p.s: A dorky looking Harry Potteresque spectacles wearing short guy who stammers while he speaks. Test for confirmation: talk about UFO's or Star Wars and his pupils expand to enormous proportions. Do let me know if you know any such person. I swear.. I'll be gentle.

Found this on youtube. Very appropriate :)

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