The Unknown Aashiq Sunday, December 20, 2009

When I joined my present employer as a fresher, I was extremely anxious on how I would fit in into a multinational of such huge size an equally matching reputation. I was told that my particular department is swarmed by IITians and PhDs alike.  A place where the canteen air is filled with lively discussions on pending patents and worshiping software. The haven of geeks in front of whom any banter was forbidden. All this was before my path breaking discovery in the printer room.

This is what our printer room looks like. There is a reason why I keep peeping into dustbins in this room. This is the best and the most genuine source of office gossip. Want to know who's earning how much? some day you might get a salary slip printed out lying somewhere. Want to know who's job hunting? Chances are some fool would have taken an extra print of his CV and forgot. Divorce papers to pregnancy test, you'll get em all here. Another reason is that fact that when God decided to give me some of his superpowers, he decided to reduce my brain size, just to balance things out. So in order to make my mark in my office, I'm in the constant search for stolen ideas. In an overly reputed company even the dustbins are supposed to store failed designs of awesome inventions. Unsuccessful plans on how technology would save the world. Sensors that would sense partners faking orgasms to algorithms that would calculate the percentage chances with a girl. I was kinda prepared for such shit. Not prepared for what I found.............................

Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK???
Could it be the ending footnote of a suicide letter being currently drafted? Could it be front page of a love letter written to an imaginary female colleague... or worse, an actual female software developer? Taking into account the number of girls in office, could it be a love letter written for a male colleague? The only source of communication that this 'zaalim samaaj' would allow? Wait a second.... could it be.... for ME? HOLY SHIT..!! Damn you MTV style check!! Screw you and your 'skinny tight jeans with a body hugging pink T-shirt is in' episode!!

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