Bow down Adam, to the awesome Madam Monday, March 8, 2010

My salute to all the women folk in the world. A very happy womens day (Does it have to sound like a birthday?). Well this could not have been a blog post but a simple facebook status like a few other of my friends. But the real motive behind many of those numerous status updates is to really sex up your profile and have a few ladies posting nice comments and 'liking' what you say. I of course am neither that shallow a person nor in that desperate need of female attention (I've learned to live without it). But I will admit this, that there is nothing more sexy than a woman in control. If evolution is not a myth, and all intelligent species slowly but surely outnumber their earlier primitive versions, then 'men' are indeed a dying breed. So clearly, I am all for women empowerment.

In fact, it's my dream to see Indian women on top.

No pun intended here :)


sobhit said...

i 2nd d thot dude... indian women on top.. wid no puns here eithr.. :P :P... happy womens day 2 all d ladies out der...

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