An non cheating male? look no further! Thursday, November 4, 2010

Since time immemorial, the one thing all female species have wanted is branded clothing at an all year discount. The second most dreamed wish in general has been a faithful partner. Both of these have remained just that, distant dreams. But this was till today. While the world is still not ready for discounted branded clothing, honest males now come with an indicator.


Just when I thought only software engineers have nothing useful to do, I was pleasantly surprised to find many PhD scholars also in the same boat. I always used to think, just like all engineering classes have a section of really genius people who do cool stuff after joining Google, and there are another bunch of people who have no clue why they picked up engineering, and land up in the various cattle recruiting companies. The same people who comment lines of codes in order to make an error disappear in the error log to resolve a customer ticket (true story). There got to be such people in the PhD classes as well. What the heck do these douche-bags do their research on? I got my answer today. However, the bigger point I'm trying to make here is this:

Before you pass judgment on my unwashed hand, do check out my ratio. Could there BE any more proof?

Clearly, if there ever was a perfect example of a true gentleman, a keeper of promises, an upholder of ideals, a protector of male virtues, a disbeliever in the arousing art of cheating, a rejecter of extra marital bliss, the personification of the ideal man, a guy with 'my perfect boyfriend' written all over him, a man for whom all married women would agree to cheat on, all of this two times over... it is indeed... yours truly.

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RB said...

Aren't you in Delhi for Diwali? ;-)

sobhit said...

tune ni sudharna kamine... ;p

Puneet said...

Thanks dude.. your words, like always, very encouraging ;)

Yes I am. Also I should inform you, that there might have been some random product from a random company called 'Adobe' used to re-touch the evidential image. But I promise, the changes were only just ;)
And hey, I thought 'aarbee' looked cooler :)

RB said...

Oh. And I thought all my years of endless rambling in the blogosphere has finally led to a prospective *ahem* prospect.
So then, shall I believe the just changes? :)

Aarbee said...


Puneet said...

Trust the 'just' part? Totally! I mean all I did was enhance the contrast and, and sharpen the image. Pinky swear! :)

Aarbee said...

Hahaa! Right! That makes it totally believable. :)

Sakko said...

promiscuousness comes in low ratios?? did i derive it correctly? ill put up a pictures later but both those fingers are the same length for me. as you may remember my maths sucks, but im guessing that based on this theory the above statements may prove self maligning.

Puneet said...

Yeah, so low index to ring ratios means a relatively smaller index finger than the ring one. Now in your case since both fingers are same, your ratio is exactly one. Which makes you, based on the data I have (yes I do), a highly promiscuous female :)
Monogamous souls like me are indeed rare!

rashi said...

as far as i can judge from the picture, ur middle finger isnt straight dude !!!! please measure once again keeping both the index finger n middle finger abs straight....

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