All that's wrong with today's media Thursday, January 27, 2011

So the income tax people raid Priyanka chopra's home and find Shahid kapoor in his boxers. So what? I mean I'm really sad to see today's standards of journalism falling to such low levels. Here is an issue of national theft and look how unimaginative the news stories are! To make matters worse, here's a pic the stupid channels put up, supposedly shot moments after the IT people entered her home, when Shahid kapoor was trying to flee all the media:

Yep. I know what you're thinking. The guy's still obsessed with his last hit. But then, there was something wrong in these news reports. I put my investigating shorts on, and delved deep like I always do. On clearly examining the pic, you can see one big problem. No, its not that he's wearing that horse thingy on his face, Shahid kapoor has already been seen in public wearing that weird shit. The huge problem with the pic is that he's wearing denims, as opposed to the much reported cheetah print boxer shorts. Clearly the media is, as usual, trying to rip us off with a lie!

But then, what they don't realize is the fact that yours truly is the epitome of active citizen journalism. I went through some serious shit to get hold of this super classified photograph which was the actual pic clicked then the Income tax people raided Priyanka chopra's home.

Well, what can I say... that lucky bastard! Oh and also, Priyanka chopra.......... RESPECT!


sobhit said...

saale morphng bhi suru kar di tune... sherlock holmes bana diya shahid kapoor ko :P.. saale karni hi thi priyanka chopra ki pic morphe kar deta on a suitble body hehehe.. ;P... fotoshop se sahi kam kar dost.. kya faltu karta rehta hai...

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