More dumbness and a lot more free time Thursday, September 15, 2011

(Do read part1 if you still haven't. Even if you have, read it again)

A lot of us prayed for it, betted for it, betted against it, and then it just happened. Presenting the most awaited sequel (and possibly the last episode) to a discussion with an intellect level so high, einstein could feel lost reading it!

p.s: download the file or use the lens button on the top right corner for HD clarity :)


sobhit said...


bhai RESPECT... after reading dis.. nothng but respect 4u brother.. true rockstar u r.. u made d tormenter into tormented.. d hunter into d hunted... only u my frnd cud wud n have had done dis.. taking it 2d next level evrytime.. though dis mite b d full n final episode.. u sure gona miss dis man..

but u sure will come up wid new muses n keep ur fans entertained am sure..

cant stopp laffing.. had a gud lous laf n almost got d tear in d out out f sheer happiness n joy :P.. matlab wah.. WAH bhai WAH..

evry line is worth praising n evry cpl f chit chat is a blog in itself... though i feel u shud provide d link to ur part 1 of dis along wid d 2nd one here... wud be nice to refresh b4 going 2d sequel.. n for ppl who r new.. dey desrv d part 1 b4 going onto part 2

dis a proper romantic melodramatc forrest gump sort f script dude.. u shud cpy right d script b4 sm1 else makes it into a blockbuster n milk money out f it.. ofcourse gv d disclaimer in d begnning ..

having said all f dis.. am speechless dude :P yeh classc hai.. am thinkin f posting d 2 chats on FB n taggin d non school ppl in... :P, c wot happns wen u dont copywrite it :P

மகேஷ் (Magesh) said...

What I can't understand is she pings you again after all that happened with part 1, and keeps saying bye but still continuing to listen to your insane comments.

(I dont know your school stuff, but still was fun to read) :)

Puneet said...

Magesh, haha I know! but I can bet she's not returning back now! God I miss her already hehe :)

Sobhit, No copyrights on this man! Its open source.. the entire world needs a laugh! :)

sidler said...

Dude this is good fun..Please find some bakras for me as well! I am tired of tormenting friends and the people I know :)

Ravi Dewan said...

Puneet... Bhai Cha Gya tu toh.... Awesome.... n dis has been circulated on d FA whats app grp as well....

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